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Welcome to ESUT LMS

This platform is used to co-ordinate and organize distance education mainly for the benefit of the larger society outside the walls of the university.

Programme Scope

It is proposed that the distance learning programme when fully developed, will offer undergraduate courses in the following fields:

  1. Accountancy
  2. Banking and Finance
  3. Business Administration
  4. Cooperatives and Rural Development
  5. Insurance and Risk Management
  6. Marketing
  7. Public Administration
  1. Economics
  2. Psychology
  3. Political Science
  4. Sociology
  5. Mass Communication
  1. Technical and Vocational Education
  2. Science Education
  3. Mathematics and Computer Education
  4. Health and Physical Education
  5. Educational Foundations
  6. Business Education
  7. Educational Foundation
  8. Guidance and Counseling
  9. Adult Education
  10. Library and Information Science and
  11. Other Specializations in Education
  1. Applied Biochemistry
  2. Applied Biology and Biotechnology
  3. Microbiology and Brewing
  4. Industrial Chemistry
  5. Industrial Mathematics and Statistics
  6. Industrial Physics
  1. Agricultural Economics and Extension
  2. Food science and technology

Target Population

The ESUT Distance Learning programme is meant for all candidates who are qualified but are unable to fulfill the physical attendance requirements of any of the existing regular and part-time programmes of the Enugu State University of Science and Technology by reason of their work and/or their distance from the University.


Eligibility requirements

The NUC guidelines state that all entrants into degree programmes offered by ODL must meet the minimum national requirements for university registration. The approved entry requirements that will apply to ESUT ODL, are as follows:


ESUT ODL Requirements

  1. Five credits in the SSCE/GCE O’ Level/NECO/NABTEB or equivalents (including English and Math) at not more than two (2) sittings obtained in subjects relevant to the proposed field(s) of study
  2. Teachers’ Grade II Certificate with a minimum of five merits or its combination with any of the certificates listed under (i) to obtain equivalent of five credits at ‘O’ levels
  3. Candidates seeking admission into School of Law must have five (5) credits including English Language, Literature in English and at least a Pass in Mathematics at not more than two (2) sittings in NECO/SSCE or GCE O/L only
  4. The School of Arts and Social Sciences requires that one of the five credits or merits must be in English Language, while at least two (2) should be in subjects relevant to the proposed field
  5. For School of Business and Human Resources Management, the credit passes must include English and Mathematics
  6. For School of Education, the credit passes must include Mathematics for Mathematics and Science Education applicants and English Language for all humanities. Additionally, those in Science Education must have credit in English Language
  7. For School of Science and Technology, the credit passes must include Mathematics and English Language

Admission Procedure

Where screening tests will be held, the system will be used to conduct the tests through the following steps

  1. Candidate gets information on the distance learning programme
  2. Candidate visits the website at www.esut.edu.ng to get more information
  3. Candidate visits the bank and pays application fees in the ESUT account
  4. Candidate visits the website and completes application online
  5. System assigns the candidate an examination date, time and venue. The student will only be assigned a space for the test after the system confirms automatically that the student has the required subjects such as English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry for Engineering
  6. Candidate writes the test by using the shading method employed by JAMB
  7. System marks the scripts and produces the result in three days
  8. System analyses results using cut-off mark set by University
  9. System automatically generates admission list
  10. Admission list is sent to mailbox of Vice-Chancellor, Director of Distance Learning and other officers
  11. Approval is given for publication of list
  12. List is published and successful students receive alert via SMS

For admissions that will not require tests, the candidate will complete the admissions process in the following steps

  1. Candidate gets information on the distance learning programme
  2. Candidate visits the website at www.esut.edu.ng to get more information
  3. Candidate visits the bank and pays application fees in the ESUT account
  4. Candidate visits the website and completes application online
  5. System requests for required documentation from candidate
  6. Candidate submits required documentation such as WAEC certificate and other documents online after scanning
  7. Officer at distance learning office prints out documents and sends for confirmation
  8. Confirmation of authenticity of results is received by the distance learning office
  9. List of admitted students is imported into the system
  10. Alerts are sent to successful candidates via SMS

Other requirements

There will be no restrictions for admission based on age. However, the minimum age required for admission is sixteen years at the date of admission.

Students who applied for or are registered in any programmes in ESUT or any other recognized University may be allowed to change to ODL studies at an appropriate level depending on the relevant courses they had completed and passed before applying for the change of programme.

No student is however allowed to use the ODL as a stepping stone for entry into other ESUT academic programmes. Admission of students into each ODL course is strictly subject to the fulfillment of all pre-requisites including the payment of prescribed fees.


Registration Procedure

During registration, the student will choose a username and password, which gives the students access to online resources such as the Virtual Library, the examinations, testing and other sections for learning.

Steps to take to register for ESUT distance learning

All registration will be completed online without any contact with the distance learning department. The following are the steps for registration:

  1. Candidate visits the website to register
  2. List of fees and corresponding bank is published on the website
  3. Candidate visits the bank to pay the fees
  4. Candidate visits the website to register
  5. System verifies authenticity of WAEC/NECO results for results after 1990. Where the results are older or are not verifiable such as NCE, the system offers the student provisional admission until the verification has been completed and the admission is then normalized upon upload of list from the distance learning office
  6. Candidate completes registration form and automatically receives matriculation number
  7. Candidate completes course registration online as well
  8. Candidate prints out completed forms and signs where necessary
  9. Signed forms are uploaded on the system
  10. Candidate submits forms at the Learning Center